Magdalena Rutkowska
group exhibition
Eaton Terrace Gallery
21- 27 September 2008


The concept of “CATCH BY THE EYE SAVE IN THE HEART” was created by Magdalena Rutkowska (a professional artist living and working in London) in 2004. The first exhibition took place at Menier Gallery - London Bridge. By contacting independent artists, she created a group of talented professional people who were happy to show their work to the public, but the main idea of the project was not only to show work already done by the artists, but also to awaken the hidden artistic talent in the souls of our visitors. To make it possible, an empty canvas was placed in the heart of the exhibition, with paints and brushes on the side to be used by visitors. By exhibiting their work, artists encouraged the visitors to take part in creating an irreplaceable piece of art. The name of every single person who left their mark on the canvas was also placed in the book of artists responsible for the painting. The exhibition aims to promote, discover and support imaginative and vibrant practice in contemporary painting. There are already two canvasses painted by “every day people”: one painted at the Menier Gallery, London and the second one at the “Form and Colour Gallery” in Warsaw. It is amazing how different the images are. Looking at the canvasses you can almost read the “state of mind” of the individual countries. You can see the sadness and the happiness of general public expressed in different colors and shapes influenced by the culture of where they live.


We are trying to keep the project going and to do the same experiment in different places in the world. After collecting paintings made by many nations, we are going to organize an auction where the works of “people of the world” (with out doubts it is going to be extremely collectible piece of art)could be sold for charitable causes, at the same time giving the chance to ordinary people to leave their mark in the history of art.