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Catch by the Eye
Abi’s Work

My work is based on the concept of infusing moods and elements . My paintings are vivid, full of life and colour, because this is what I am. They are a reflection of my inner self;  the respect of the life I lead and treasure.


Titles are often instantaneous and typically infer a correlation between the piece and a snapshot of life at that moment. Each painting is an eclectic mix of messages open to the interpretation of all.


My work is not prescriptive because I have my own influences and this can only serve to inspire me more. Free will is a prerequisite for my work.


My "acrylics" are in different sizes and are all extremely marketable depending on your taste and statement.

ooking at a painting should be a moving experience.  I have always been struck by the romanticism of finding a painting that lifts you out of yourself and moves you and holds you purely in the moment, as if the world has stopped to let you appreciate something entirely new.  


In 2002, I embarked on a philosophical Masters degree to explore the nature of the aesthetic experience in its fullest depth.  My dissertation, entitled 'Is the aesthetic experience revelatory of an exclusive modality of truth?’ led me to discover Kant’s theory of the sublime, and it is this model that underpins my exploration as an artist.  I am drawn to the idea of conveying a deeper sense of truth in a culture that is alienating in its pursuit of endlessly communicating specific ‘messages’.

Abi's art has the mission to awaken art collection culture of the people.-
The Guardian.

Abi Adeyemi is a rare artist both by birth and by inclination.- Daily Sun.

Although Abi's works are expressively abstract, their functions, nevertheless, remain soul lifting. -
Business Day.

Abi is not just an artist of great reckoning, but also one who has depth and novel style of painting. -Sunday Vanguard


Abi Adeyemi is an abstract painter predominantly working in acrylic on canvas. For Abi the act of creation is one of invention, exploration and experimentation. Only recently discovering her natural ability to translate her thoughts and emotions in to a visual language, Abi is developing her creative skills as she paints, gaining hands on experience with the materials and techniques as well as fine tuning her intuition and aesthetic as she goes along. The range of form, colour and scale found throughout her work reflects this stage of Abi Adeyemi's artistic development and allows us an insight into her life. 2004


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