Catch by the Eye, Save in the Heart.  The title is supposed to say it all - a little clumsy, perhaps not the most elegant grammar and a tad self-conscious.  But if you can see beyond the words and capture the meaning then perhaps the exhibition is for you.

“Catch by the Eye, Save in the Heart” is the title of a series of exhibitions organized by Magdalena and held in London from 2004 to the present day.

Magdalena conceived of the idea to combine established artists with a select few artists new to exhibiting, based on their vision and appetite for inspiration.  Each event has also featured a prominent blank canvass, for artists and visitors alike to record their moments of inspiration based on the location and artistic environment.

In May 2008, after the Mayfair exhibition, Magdalena wrote:

“The collection took in a confluence of styles, influences, cultures and mediums, each disparate and self-supporting yet somehow, impossibly, complimentary and entirely at home on the walls of Artspace-Galleries.

Truth be told we were probably more like The Osbournes than The Waltons, but  like a family it just worked, greater than the sum of its parts.  (That was suppposed to be a heartfelt compliment, by the way!)”