On Sunday the 4th of May,another edition of "Catch by the eye save in the heart"took place at London Mayfair, the third in the series of group exhibitions under the direction of Magdalena Rutkowska. A team of artists with different background exhibited their work,and together create a painting along with the general public.



On the opening of the exhibition Magdalena ,the creator of the project exhibited her work together with the artwork of Sarune Berberausaite, Marilyn Comparetto, Blandine Martin, Lucianna Whittaker, Natalia Levkovska, Janina Grinevich, Melinda McCarthy, Chiara Cola, Emma Blackwood, Abi Adeyemi, Fiona Long, Dawn Reader and Jason Parr.

There were also two Polish artists.


--Magda contacted me by Bigos,an art society

which I created a long time ago-said ela ciecierska, photographer based in London for 26 years, graduate of Goldsmith University-

 -At the moment I am teaching photography at Lambeth College. Teaching the students I don't have the time to concentrate on my personal work. It is nice to have the opportunity to exhibit again and show my sentimental pieces to the eyes of the publics .My work exhibited today shows Poland and a lot of memories..




Basia lautman is another polish artist exhibiting at "Catch by the eye save in the heart"



-Today I am presenting two of my comic strips:

"Should i read Proust or watch Eastenders" and another, a "Talking plant"-said Basia




Project "Catch by the eye save in the heart" has become more popular each time, gaining attention from fans, artists and official institutions.



-We  have lots of interesting people visiting our exhibitions. There are some hopes that the project could be placed as an annual event along with other art activities in London.-smiling Magda




The exhibition is going to be repeated in a different area of London in the near future giving

people the opportunities to express their feelings about the city on an empty canvas. The Mayfair Exhibition ends on 11 of May.

Information about future events can be found at  http://catch.eclusier.com



Cooltura Magazine, 10 May 2008